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Lucy: Winged twin pin  5' - 6'10

Lucy: Winged twin pin 5' - 6'10



This Board is my ideal Twin performance board. It snaps on the lip, cuts back with spray…..and its fast! I shape this board with volume so the surfer can enter waves at any point and race on through any section. The rails are a medium blend of soft and hard through the first half of the board but its all business in the back with a sharp 60 / 40 down rail to the wings 8” from the tail.

The rocker is fairly flat to project the speed of the board. The contours are a simple rolled entry rocker to a slight single concave blending to a v exiting out the last 2’ of the board. 

The Fins best used for the board are either a upright keel fin ( my preferred because of the base and hold of the fin ) or a performance twin. 

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