I'm a Vancouver based shaper with a passion of both shaping surfboards and my community. I started my journey in 2012. By 2015 I had eared my merit as a shaper and was hired for the position of head shaper and instructor at Shaper Studios Vancouver. Working alongside many talented individuals I hand crafted several hundreds of boards for the Vancouver and BC community. Years later I decided to create my own brand and carefully curated the board line I offer today here at Hidden Village.  Every custom order and interaction is handled with care and professionalism. I hope to make your experience a memorable one.

With love, Rosin



Why are surfboards so freaking expensive?!?
How long will it take till its done?
Why hand made?

The reason why surfboards are so expensive is because the materials all come imported from the States. Canada dosn't manufacture any of the supplies needed to make the the boards. Im lucky to have a supplier here in Vancouver so I can easily access all the products needed to shape, glass and sand your boards.
I also spend many hours shaping and perfecting your boards to custom for you, in doing so I spend hours with care over your shape, colour and finish.
the board Takes me about a month to complete and during that time your patients is everything !
Thank you for your support and patients 

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