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Romance Dawn- Bonzer 3 runner : 5'3 "- 7""

Romance Dawn- Bonzer 3 runner : 5'3 "- 7""


Romance Dawn



This board was inspired by two good friends of mine.

The original template was given to be by Stu Coleman, an inspiring builder, artisan and the best shredder out of all my family. Ive experimented a few times with the shape and the rocker but it wasn’t until I invited my fellow dust warrior Mick  Nagai AKA Go Low brought the Bonzer concept to the shape.

From his concept I created and tested my own version until it came to fruition.

The board has a medium rocker with a flat entry to a slight concave beginning under the chest. The concave then transfers to the famous Venturi concave, an extreme double concave with unique placements to engage the glassed on side runner fins.

This board acts as a thruster short board but with larger turns due to the “ single fin” effect with this boozer 3 set up. 

Fun for beach breaks and point breaks alike, this board plays in the pocket and can run ahead of the wave for a big cut back. 

best in waves 4’ to 8’


This board will be offered in heights 6’ to 6’6” in the summer of 2022.   

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