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HV Modern Fish 5' - 5'10"

HV Modern Fish 5' - 5'10"


HV Modern Fish 

The “Mod Fish” as I like to cal it is a playful board designed for average surf days. Its curved outline and pulled in tail allows the surfer to make tighter turns while utilizing the boards distributed volume to increase speed. Generally I advise the customer to customize the board a few inches  shorter then they are. It wants to be pushed by the weight of the surfer and thrashed about in small to chest high waves. 

Experienced surfers can push the board in fast head high waves and unlock the  single concave to spiral v contours ( a double concave exiting out the tail of the board ). The tight pulled in outline can also shred on bigger faces using the 60 /40 rails  to help grip the board securely in heavier wave. This board works well with keel fins and upright keel fins, its usually up to the surfers preference.  

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