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Bae - Modern Pig: 9' - 9'6

Bae - Modern Pig: 9' - 9'6



This board is quite special to me because the whole design was developed with my wife Lindz.

This take on the classic pig is my go to longboard. Ive been obsessed with these curves ever since I started shaping all those moons ago. The wide point of the board is moved a few inches below the centre of the board, this allows for some of the most controlled surfing Ive ever felt. The pulled in nose helps you sharpen turns with such a long board enabling the surfer more flow on the face of the wave rather then typically setting the rails of a traditional nose rider. This board also allows the surfer to walk their way up to the nose utilizing its  flat deck. On the bottom of the board we have a concave running more than a third of the board which creates the necessary lift to stabilize the surfer with timely steps. It then blends into a nice rolled belly from the centre to the back half of the board and sharply finishes to a v out the last foot under the fin. 

I love this board in head high waves personally but it performed well in little ones all the same.

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