Glidsdale: Pin tail / Square tail Log 9' - 9'6"

Glidsdale: Pin tail / Square tail Log 9' - 9'6"

The simple design of this log makes it versatile in all sorts of waves. 

Its pulled in "hips" allow for quick pivot turns in smaller waves, while helping with release and flow of  waves with more size. 

The nose is narrowed to help it swing the board allowing it to be more versitle, but a skilled surfer will be able to walk their way to its tip with the help of it's parallel rails and slight nose concave 

The bottom contours are as followed 

From nose to tail:

Slight single concave to a bellied mid section to vee out the tail

this board is designed to be a sigle fin but those who wish to take it in bigger swell can add aditional side bites. 

the rails are 50 / 50 and come in a sharper finnish then rounded 

Width between: 21,3/4" - 23"