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Mother Goose: 2 +1 Pin tail egg 6' - 7'10

Mother Goose: 2 +1 Pin tail egg 6' - 7'10

The Mother Goose: 

My most popular and user friendly model. This “ egg “ / “ mid length “ hybrid is the accumulation of all my favourite things of  a surfboard. 

Ive always liked longer boards and this shape was originally an egg maxing out at a height of 6’6”. I had to stretch out the profile and extend the rails to get the trimming sensation I crave from a midlength surfboard. This board is all about volume and how to use it. Ive designed the top third to have a flat deck beaked nosed to hold all that glorious float. Under it Ive shaped a nice rolled hull to help pierce away wind swell or give the surfer a fight chance in a steep drop. Its true purpose of this design is the paddle you get but as a bonus with all the added volume and a bit of practice, a cheeky cheater 5 is very dooable on the softer section of the wave.

The rails are 60/40 throughout but I soften them up through the first half of the board keeping with the theme of the playful feel of a midlength. The deck then blends into a rolled deck helping the surfer engage their back foot making it easy to use the multiple fin variations of this board.. 

 On the bottom of the board after the rolled hull I mentioned before it then transitions into a slight single concave. Beside the concave I shaped a beveled rail. This bevel helps shift from rail to rail, the speed and flow of the turns happens with much more ease in my opinion with these particular contours and accents. The back 3’ of the board blends into a deep double concave. This helps projects the turn with all the speed gained and lifts the surfer to engage the heel or toe side . Finally the last few inches are flat to help the pin tail release for more dynamic finishes.

This board has both a single 10”  fin box and two side future 3/4” box’s. You can ride this board as a single fin,  2 + 1 or a twin with a upright keel style of fin. 

Each Fin combo has their own style and can prepare and entertain the surfer in any size swell or wave. 

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